Lore is a movie studio for creatives

Lore is a movie studio for creatives

Lore is creating a first of its kind blockchain platform that will give creatives and investors unprecedented access to the inner workings of the studio.

  • “Inspired by United Artists, we are creating a new kind of movie studio. With greater transparency, creative freedom, and fairness.”

    Barrie Osborne
    Producer of The Matrix and Lord of the Rings Trilogy,
    President, Lore

The movie studio, reimagined.

The current movie studio model is broken.
We imagine a better future for Hollywood where creators come first.
Creative Freedom

After we select a writer or director, we trust them to work their magic, while providing support as needed.

Fair Profit Sharing

We aim to make profit sharing actually matter with more transparent fees, accounting, and simplified agreements.


By aligning incentives with creatives and investors, we will build a community that can help increase the success of films.

Announcing Lore In New York

May 9th, 2019: At the Fluidity Summit in NY, Lore announces plans to be the first to fund a slate of sci-fi and fantasy films later this year using a Security Token.

Blockchain powers fairness

Today in Hollywood it's all about reducing profit sharing for Creatives through Creative Accounting. This creates major misalignments between studios and talent. For example, infamously, the actor who portrayed Darth Vader went unpaid for Return of the Jedi...

The blockchain makes possible a better future, one where everyone involved in a film can own a piece of it and cares about its financial success—from the crew to actors, directors, writers, and producers. Each can track their ownership through the transparency that the Blockchain provides.

  • “The blockchain and smart contracts have the potential to revolutionize the way the movie business works, giving power back to the creative talent”

    Nathan Lands
    CEO, Lore

Interested in helping us build a new Hollywood that values transparency and fairness? We'd love to hear from you!